Hiring a Sales Consultant – Is It Worth It?

Feel like you’re ready to take your building business to the next level? You might consider enlisting the skills of a sales consultant. An expert in converting potential leads into paying clients, a sales consultant can equip you with the skills and processes required to get new customers over the line.

Why recruit a consultant

You might have spent many years refining your skills as a builder or carpenter. While company owners can be very talented at their craft, sometimes they might choose to outsource the sales element of the business to an expert in the field for coaching and support. When this building expertise is combined with sales acumen, suddenly your business becomes unstoppable.

Converting leads into sales

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool for any builder, but there are times when your workflow might need an extra boost and you need to actively generate interest. Are you receiving a healthy number of new enquiries but not seeing them convert into sales? If so, a sales strategist can teach you specialist techniques to get potential customers over the line, time and time again. They will identify clearly defined steps from the initiation of the lead to the entire journey the customer will go on through the sales process. The implementation of a strong, logical sales process from end to end – from identifying opportunity to pricing, securing resource and finally, closing off the deal – will ensure longevity of your success.

A long-term investment

A quality sales consultant is worth their weight in gold, and the initial outlay can achieve long-term results for your business. Once you’ve implemented the guidance, strengthened your sales processes and added these skills to your repertoire, you can enjoy the dividends for years to come. You’ll also be equipped with the know-how to juggle existing projects while generating new leads, keeping your project pipeline running smoothly.

A bespoke solution

Sales strategies for one building business may not work for another. Elements such as geographical location, team size and current processes all need to be taken into account. It’s the job of the sales consultant to identify areas of improvement to maximise business performance. Who are your potential customers and how can a rapport be built quickly to give them the confidence to progress? Why should that individual hand over their hard-earned money for your services? These are all questions to consider while constructing your sales plan.

Why choose Spectrum Coach

Unlike a generic sales consultancy, Spectrum Coach specialises in the new homes industry.

Principle coach Fred Abu-Elias has worked with a number of small and large builders across Australia during his 20-year career, and is experienced in creating localised strategy that generates optimum results. Together with his team – who all have extensive building trade experience under their belts – Fred fills a gap in the market to provide builders with the tools required to sell their skills, while having a detailed understanding of the challenges of the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the sales consultancy services Spectrum Coach offers can transform your business, give us a call on 0447 062 990.

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