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Revitalise your New Home Business.

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As specialists in the "New Homes" industry, we will not only drive your new homes business to the next level, but add real value in areas that you need support in.

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A Unique Consultative Service

Deisgned to support and add value back into your business.


Sales Training

Guiding and mentoring sales consultants to increase their lead-to-sales conversion.

Sales Strategies

Drive your business model from tendering to selling.


Analyse any gaps in workflow and streamline your process

New Home Design

New home designs for your market for your business.


Understand your market , competitors implement call to action and branding marketing campaigns.

Business Suppliers

Tap into a range of local or national suppliers.


“Fred Abu-Elias is a very dedicated and focused Coach. Very sales results orientated Fred strives to obtain the best results with any task he undertakes. Fred leads teams well, coaching and mentoring to bring out the best in people. Fred is an asset to any organisation looking to maximise revenue growth at every opportunity.”

Caroline Kennedy
CEO / Speaker


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