7 Tips to close the sale that won’t fail you

Let’s face it, everyone knows when they are about to get a sales pitch. You walk into a retail space because you are keen to look at a product and you see the sales person walking towards you. You either say hello or you avoid them because you know you are about to get ‘sold’. All you want is the information so that you can make an educated decision on what you are looking at putting your hard-earned money towards. They go straight into their sales spiel and you immediately put the walls up, you give them short answers and try to avoid giving them your personal details.
Why is this the case?
Because you have all heard it before. We have all sold something in our lives, whether it’s a product or service or even sold ourselves in a job interview. Sales pitches are getting old now and all we want is to speak to someone that is real and understands what we need without the cookie cutter questions and techniques.

So how do we close the deal without coming across as a hungry salesperson?

Here are some tips that every salesperson needs to adopt that will help closing the sale without making the ‘hard’ sell.

1. Focus on building a relationship

I’ve encountered so many sales people that go straight into what they are selling without taking the time to get to know the customer’s needs, interests or goals until its too late. They have already done their presentation and now they are encountering objections. If you focus on the customer first, not only do they feel as though you understand them, but they will feel like you are giving them a customised service rather than a standard service. We all want to feel special right? By creating the relationship first, you are also putting yourself in a position of helping the customer and not just selling to them.

2. Be passionate and confident

Apart from the obvious, knowing your product and being able to present it well, if you are not convinced yourself, chances are it will show in your presentation and the client will feel your hesitation and back away. Being passionate and confident about what you are selling and everything about your offer, product, service and value will make the customer excited that they are being offered the opportunity to purchase from you. Get them so exciting that they will be asking you how to sign up!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask the deeper questions

Creating a rapport with the client will open up conversation so that you can understand their needs, challenges or concerns. By asking the deeper questions, you will get down to the core of why they were motivated to contact you which gives you the advantage of closing the sale easier.

4. Be prepared for all the objections

If you have worked in sales for a while, you would have heard all of the objections such as ‘We don’t have the budget right now’;We are not ready to make a decision’. By compiling all potential objections you may hear when attempting to close and preparing responses in advance, you will be in a better position to close the sale. You may even want to address any objections in your presentation before it even comes up. For example, when selling a product that is at a higher price point, you can point out that the price is higher for X reasons and follow with highlighting the value proposition.

5. Just knowing about your product isn’t enough

It just simply isn’t enough to know your product. Today’s clients are informed clients and will conduct research online before they call or visit. Be up to date in your industry by knowing market trends, your competitors and their offerings, environmental conditions and how it impacts on your ability to sell. You may need to change your presentation accordingly. By being an expert in your industry, you will impress the client, build their trust and be in a great position to close the sale.

6. Have a positive attitude

It can be discouraging when you get a few knock-backs but remember, not everyone will be in the position to purchase from you straight away. If you make a great impression the first time, they will most likely come back to you when they are ready. By staying positive, polite and professional when you receive a knock-back, you will gain the respect of the client which will  improve your chances of closing a sale the second time around. Smile and move onto the next prospect.

7. Be persistent

Don’t give up after the first or second objection. If a client likes the idea of purchasing from you they will eventually find a way to buy. Follow up on a phone call, send an email and ask them when the best time is to follow up. You will be surprised how many people will give you a time and date to call them back. Persistently asking for the sale could eventually lead to a long and fruitful working relationship.


At Spectrum Coach we understand that not every sale is straight forward. By adopting these simple tips, you can improve your relationship with clients and make selling easier.

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