What Is A Proven Sales System?

Throughout my career, I have seen a lot of posts along the lines of, “Join my free webinar and I will show you a proven system to win sales”.

I think these free webinars are great, however, if something is as valuable as a proven system to win sales then the value is what you pay for it. Also, what is the definition of proven? A proven system might work for some builders but might not work for others. A system is not what someone else dictates, it is what is right for you as a builder.

The most common one out there is a proven system to win tenders or sales. I’m sure there are many ways to win a sale and I’m sure they have been proven many times over. However, we always like to think sales is hard because we are working with emotions, competition and always the final PRICE. We allow all these factors to take over and control the outcome. We then allow a sale to be lost and are unable to reengage with the client to get them back on track. But, if we remember a few fundamentals, the job of a sales consultant can be enjoyable. You will be able to increase your conversions and the outcome will be a lot more positive.

So, I’m not going to Host a Free webinar and give away a free system. I’m just going to give you some basic fundamentals to create your own sales system that works for you.

Let’s start with:

Lead management

If a lead enquires after some information, close for an appointment to present that information to them.


Make sure what you are presenting hits the brief.


There is always a ‘next stage’ in sales – work out what that is and close for the next stage.

These 3 fundamentals will help make sales a little easier. Some other areas to consider are (and these are just as important):

  • Get to know your client on a personal level
  • Understand their motivators
  • Be transparent and genuine
  • Listen with the intent of listening.

The above isn’t a proven system, but they’re tools to help you make a sale.

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