Selling new houses in a tough market

How can we help clients navigate through the uncertainty of COVID-19?

During my sales sessions over the last couple of weeks, the common factor I’m hearing continuously from my builders is that their clients want to hold off due to COVID-19. This is all well and good; everybody feels uncertain about the future at the moment. However, I feel in our role as business owners and sales consultants, it is our responsibility to guide and educate a client through any challenges they may be facing.

So, lets first understand what is actually going on in the market.

The Positives
  • The banks are still lending money,
  • The MBA and HIA are advertising they are still open for business, and construction is still deemed as an essential service
  • Builders are incentivising clients / prospects to buy now through various means
  • Interest rates are at historic lows
  • Land is still selling
The Negatives (which we tend to hear everyday)
  • Unemployment is increasing
  • The economic state will worsen
  • We are moving towards a recession

I think you would all agree that we still need to sell homes and we need to build our pipeline for the future. I believe the time to buy is now, however, there are a few steps we need to take.

Show your clients the value your business can offer them

The number rule I have in selling is to show VALUE in what you have to offer;

Step 1 – Re-engage with ALL your clients

Step 2 – Understand their concerns

  • Overcome these concerns with positives

Step 3 – Highlight the positives of what the market is doing

  • Use the above points specific to your business

Step 4 – Understand if the client is in a position to buy. If they’re not, consider what incentive your business might have to get the client excited.

Step 5 – Secure an appointment.

Note that if a client is affected by COVID-19 by way of losing their employment or having their hours reduced which has resulted in reduced income, then the client is not ready to buy. However, what the client may be ready for is sitting with you to understand the journey of buying and building a home. Give them the service as if they are going to buy today; in this way, the value you offer will have you well placed as someone they return to when they are ready to purchase.

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