The Digital Marketing Secret Every Builder Should Know

Working with Sea Salt Marketing over the past 12 months has given me great insight into the digital marketing world and how leads are generated through social media platforms for builders.

Initially, when I would scroll through social media and see an “enquire now” or “download” button, I would roll my eyes. However, seeing first-hand the stream of leads coming in for my builders who use these tactics, I now have a completely different view of it, and believe it is the digital marketing secret that every builder should investigate.

Getting the lingo right was one of the first things I learned – we generate these leads by creating what the Sea Salt team call an opt-in. This is essentially an educational brochure that is specifically tailored and copywritten to attract your ideal client. Forget using those templated, generic brochures that you see everywhere – it is worth engaging a professional marketing agency that understands brands and client behaviour to craft a message that is going to generate leads from the right people.

The results speak for themselves – 1 lead per day is the average I see with my builders. When speaking with the team at Sea Salt, there are certain clicky titles that work better than others, some of them include:

  • Top Tips For Building X
  • The Ultimate Guide to X – such as knockdown rebuild, or design + construct
  • How Much Does It Cost To X
  • 7 Reasons To X (always an odd number, don’t ask why – it must be psychology!)

This format entices your ideal client to download the information, as all it will cost them are a name and an email address – and sometimes a phone number. It adds value and that’s the secret – creating content that adds value to your target audience. Then they’re happy to hand over their details to you.

If you as a builder have already heard of this strategy and use it to generate leads, then the next step is converting those leads into appointments and then ultimately into a sale. The worst thing you can do is let that lead sit in your database and only receive your e-newsletter on a monthly basis – leverage your marketing dollar and be proactive in your sales process!

Here are my top tips on what to do with the leads you’re generating from your marketing:

  • Respond to the lead within 24 – 48 hours of them downloading their information
  • Always respond to the lead by discussing what they downloaded as it is relevant to the client
  • Offer more information on the relevant topic
  • Don’t forget to ask questions about their current situation
  • Book in an appointment!
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