Meet Fred, Managing Director of Spectrum Coach

Spectrum Coach is a Melbourne-based business, which was established to provide sales training and mentoring services to independent builders across Australia. The company, which has seen great success since its launch in 2019, is led by founder and expert salesman Fred Abu-Elias.

Fred brings an impressive 20 years of experience in sales and construction to Spectrum Coach. Fred started out with a Business Marketing course, but quickly realised sitting in lecture theatres was not for him! He deferred, to explore other options, and landed a job as a mortgage broker with a top tier building company. Fred quickly realised he had found his passion.

After moving through sales and sales management roles with various builders across Melbourne, Fred landed a coaching role as Business Development Manager with a franchise builder in 2014. He went on to become National Sales Manager and later General Manager of the same company.

The beginning of Spectrum Coach

After working in the construction industry for nearly 20 years, Fred had identified a clear gap in the market for small-to-medium builders – no one was providing this group with the right tools to sell their homes and effectively manage their workflow. This ultimately led to the launch of Spectrum Coach.

As Spectrum Coach, Fred offers one-on-one coaching to help builders grow their businesses. He’s passionate about taking the time to learn about each clients’ business and tailoring his services to suit their goals. To this day, Fred takes great inspiration from seeing the success of all clients.

Like all businesses, Fred has faced many challenges and celebrated many achievements over the years. While growing the business and seeing clients develop has been a hugely fulfilling journey, Fred’s proudest moment came in 2020:

“A few of my builders were really struggling with sales, even before COVID-19, and being involved in getting them back on track and finishing the year on a high was a really proud moment for me,” says Fred.

Fred now oversees a small but skilled team , who come from a variety of backgrounds spanning sales, building and marketing. As Managing Director, he remains heavily involved in the business and is passionate about building personal relationships with each and every client who engages the services of Spectrum Coach.

In future, Fred hopes to continue growing Spectrum Coach, and employ even more sales and operations coaches to train and educate builders across Australia.

If you’re ready to engage Fred and the team at Spectrum Coach for your business, get in touch via our enquiry form below.

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